May 20, 2024
Document Notarization

Document Notarization: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Notarized Online

Document Notarization

Have you ever needed a document to be notarized but didn’t have the time or means to visit a notary in person? Thanks to online services, document notarization has become more accessible than ever before. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the National Notary Association, online notarization has increased by 547% in the past year alone. 

While the convenience of online notarization must be addressed, there are still some common mistakes that individuals can make. For example, failing to check if the state in which the document will be used accepts online notarization can lead to rejection or a process delay. By being aware of these potential pitfalls, individuals can have a smooth and successful experience with online notarization.

In this blog, we will explore some of the most common mistakes to avoid when getting a document notarized online, providing examples to illustrate these pitfalls.

Mistake #1: Failing to Verify the Notary’s Credentials

One of the most critical mistakes to avoid when seeking online notarization services is failing to verify the credentials of the notary. While online notarization platforms typically showcase the qualifications of their notaries, it is essential to go a step further and verify their credentials independently. 

For instance, in the United States, you can check with your Secretary of State’s office or the National Notary Association to ensure that the notary is licensed and authorized to perform notarizations in your state.

Mistake #2: Not Understanding the Requirements for Online Notarization

Not fully understanding the specific requirements for online notarization in your state or jurisdiction is a common mistake that can lead to delays and frustration. Each region may have different regulations and guidelines for online notarization, so it is crucial to familiarize yourself with them before initiating the process.

For example, some states require specific forms or additional steps, such as witness requirements or document formatting guidelines. By understanding these requirements, you can ensure a seamless notarization experience.

Mistake #3: Choosing an Unreliable Online Notarization Platform

Selecting the right online notarization platform is vital to the success of your document notarization. Unfortunately, one common mistake individuals make is choosing an unreliable or untrustworthy platform. To avoid this, it is essential to research and select a reputable and secure online notarization service. 

Reading customer reviews is a good starting point to assess the reliability and trustworthiness of a platform. Additionally, look for security certifications, such as secure HTTPS connections and data encryption, to ensure the protection of your documents and personal information.

Mistake #4: Not Properly Preparing the Documents

Before initiating the online notarization process, it is crucial to ensure that the documents are properly prepared. One prevalent oversight is failure to review the document thoroughly for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with any specific requirements for notarization. For example, certain documents may require additional witness signatures or specific notarial certificates. If you fail to prepare the document adequately, it can result in setbacks and complications during the notarization process.

Mistake #5: Ignoring the Importance of Video Conference Etiquette

Many online notarization processes involve a video conference between the notary and the individual seeking notarization. Ignoring the importance of video conference etiquette can lead to disruptions and hinder the process. 

In essence, make sure to find a quiet, well-lit location for the video conference and test your internet connection beforehand. Follow any specific guidelines provided by the notary or the notarization platform to ensure a smooth and efficient video conference and notarization process.

Mistake #6: Rushing Through the Notarization Process

Rushing through the notarization process is a common mistake that can lead to oversights and errors. It is essential to be patient and thorough during the online notarization process, carefully following all the necessary steps and providing accurate information. 

Taking the time to review the document, ensure proper identification, and adhere to all required procedures will help avoid any mistakes that could invalidate the notarization. Remember, haste can lead to mistakes, so take your time to ensure the process is done accurately.

Mistake #7: Not Maintaining Proper Documentation

After the online notarization process is complete, it is crucial to maintain proper documentation of the notarized document and the notarization process. Failing to do so can create challenges in the future if the validity or details of the notarization are called into question. 

This includes retaining a copy of the notarized document, any communication with the notary or notarization platform, and any receipts or confirmations related to the notarization. Proper documentation ensures that you can refer back to the details and validate the notarization when needed.


When it comes to online notarization in your state or jurisdiction, remember that thorough preparation, attention to detail, and compliance with the requirements and guidelines are essential for a successful outcome. By avoiding these common mistakes and approaching the online notarization process with care and diligence, you can have your documents notarized accurately and with confidence, knowing they are legally binding.

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