April 16, 2024

What Should You Know Before Notarizing Out-of-State Documents?

Notarizing out-of-state documents is legal as long as the notarial act takes place in the state where the notary public is commissioned.

The traditional in-person notarization process is undeniably long, burdensome, and time-consuming. Physical notarization used to be limited to the states, and even then, the document would be notarized for days and days. Even after which it might be incomplete. But the introduction of Remote Online Notarization (RON) changed the way notarization happens as well as the possibilities of how and where documents can be notarized.

Modern virtual notarization is raising its own new set of questions and doubts. Online notary services have endless possibilities and are a convenient and easy way to notarize documents. Remote online notary service is advantageous for both notaries and customers equally. 

eNotary On Call is one of the best remote online notary service providers that will expertly guide you toward a successful Remote Online Notarization experience. Now let us enlighten you on the notarization of out-of-state documents.

Importance of Out-of-the-state Document Notarization

What are out-of-state documents? 

Out-of-state documents are those that arise in another state than the one where the notary public is commissioned.

A remote notary can offer Remote Online Notarization services to any customer or client that reaches them. In traditional physical notarization, notaries never faced this issue, as even people from their state couldn’t get document notary services on time. So notarizing documents from other states is very rare. 

But thanks to remote online notary services, a notary can offer virtual notary services to any client that reaches them. As a result, it is easy for out-of-state document notarization in today’s times. 

A client may have received documents in Florida and might go to Texas to get those documents notarized. These documents are called “out-of-state documents.” The remote online notary service provider may be in doubt about whether to offer virtual notary services for such out-of-state documents. Shortly, YES! You can offer virtual notary services for documents that have arisen in a state other than where you are commissioned. 

Remote notaries can offer out-of-state document notarization through eNotary On Call. Documents can be from any state, customers can be at any place and they can offer electronic notarization services to the clients through eNotary On Call.

Law That Remote Online Notary Should Follow For Out-of-state documents

In some bordering states, if they have the same law, the remote notary public is allowed to offer virtual notary services in both states. 

Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota are a few states that have the same laws regarding virtual notarization services. These states allow a remote notary to offer remote notary services in multiple states. In the bordering states where the law of remote virtual notarization is the same, the remote notaries in those states can offer RON services in more than one state. 

Usually, the remote online notary should follow the law of the state where it is offering notary services. Every state has its own enacted law for virtual notarization. Remote notaries appointed in those states must abide by the laws of those states. The law of the states where notaries are commissioned supersedes and applies to the Remote Online Notarization services provided by remote online notary service providers. 

Remote notaries should follow their state laws, specifically where they are commissioned to offer service as a remote online notary service provider. The notary public should keep in mind that they should not follow the laws of the state where the documents arrived. Documents can be from anywhere, and the virtual notary services should be based on the laws of the land where the remote notary is commissioned. 

In Case of Out-of-the-State Documents

The remote notary service provider should follow the state laws where the notary is commissioned. Before the virtual notarization, the notary should verify the certificate to know the state where those documents originated. And note the details in their true authenticity. 

eNotary On Call: The Right Remote Online Notarization Platform For You

To every Notary public, listen! You choose the right platform to make sure you have a smooth transition from physical to virtual online notary services. eNotary On Call is the best platform that empowers you to offer high-quality and efficient electronic notarization services seamlessly and satisfactorily. 

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