June 16, 2024

How Notarizing documents is made easier through RON

The post-COVID-19 epidemic has substantially changed the way individuals communicate. Remote services have a presence in practically every industry, whether it be in the field of education, office, service delivery, and others. It has been customary for generations to notarize documents through the traditional Notarization in-person mode, which requires that signers make an appointment with a notary in advance to come in on a specific date. The government has promoted “Remote Online Notarization services,” or RON, which had been in place for some time, in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. In addition to eliminating COVID-19, the government has permitted online Notarization services in the majority of states due to the benefits it provides to the signers and the public notaries.

Remote Online Notarization

In contrast to in-person notarization, virtual Notary through RON involves the signing of documents while the signers and public notaries communicate via a remote online Notarization platform like eNotary On Call. You can notarize any kind of document that is permitted in your state using RON. Some of the paperwork includes notarization of – mortgage papers, contract papers for purchasing a home, loan approval papers, name change papers, and many more.

Since RON is now legal in most states, a signor can use a RON platform like eNotary On Call to appear in person before a public Notary without having to travel to Notarize their documents. The signer proves his or her identification through KBA and identity verification before continuing with the notarial procedure. The Public Notary is then given the option to Notarize the document by adding a state-approved digital seal and signature. Some of the online electronic Notarization platforms like eNotary On Call also allow the recording of the Notarial session and the recording is saved for future reference.

How widely virtual notaries are used among signers?

The usage of RON is expanding dramatically, and it appears to be the growing substitute for in-person notarization, as seen by the fact that there are increasingly more online notarizations performed each day, and so there is a rise in online Notary services. The use of RON post-pandemic increased by 547% in 2020 compared to 2019, according to a study conducted by ALTA (American Land Title Association). And it is clear that the widespread adoption of Remote Online Notarization is a result of its advantages for the general public and for Notaries.

For the Notarization of their documents, most people search for the document Notary near me, and when they come to know about online Notary they prefer the same for instant Notarization of their papers.

Convenient and Efficient Notary Services

While numerous states have enacted laws allowing the use of Remote Online Notary. It is because notarizing documents is convenient, which is its most obvious virtue. For the majority of people, it might be challenging to find time to arrange a meeting with a public Notary to verify documents, in the Traditional notarization procedure. Additionally, it is nearly hard for those who require their documents notarized for official purposes but are out of the nation to do so using in-person notarization services.

Herein lies the convenience of the virtual notary, which relieves the signers of the need to wait for scheduled appointments to have their documents notarized. Instead, customers can start the Notarization of documents right away by setting up an appointment through our eNotary On Call platform. And, those who are out of the country and are unable to complete the formalities because of the unavailability of their notarized documents, can notarize their documents immediately by using online notary services.

Security Remains a Primary Concern

Identity theft by misrepresenting information involving the signer’s identity has occurred in the early stages of electronic Notarization. The security of the documents and of the signers’ identities are, therefore, a crucial problem. Since most signers’ documents are private, they must be handled with the highest security while being notarized online. And many states mandate the digital gathering and storage of supporting information (background data through KBA), tamper-evident documents, and recording of the notarial act to safeguard the veracity and validity of data.

The eNotary On Call online notary platform maintains the greatest level of security in addition to the convenience of virtual notary services. This is accomplished by using secure keys to encrypt the data, limiting access to the data for processing—the documents, the signer’s information, and the Notary information—to the backend alone.

To sum up:

In recent years, There has been a sharp increase in remote online notary services. Due to the advantages including its simplicity, security, affordability, and the possibility to add many co-signers remotely, most notarizations are now performed online. If you are searching for the best remote online Notary service providers in the region, you can visit our signup page and start Notarizing your documents in a matter of a few minutes.

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