July 22, 2024

Importance of Apostille Services And Remote Online Notarization


What Is Apostille?

The State Secretary issues a specialized certificate which is called Apostille. This Apostille is issued as proof of authenticity, legitimacy and proper verification of the notarized document. In this present globalized world, countries exchange many documents between and among one another. 

All these exchanged documents will have the signatures of one or more public officials. So, this presents a challenge to the proper confirmation of authority and authenticity of the received documents and their authorizations. Apostilles facilitate the legitimacy and authenticity of the documents notarized, signed and exchanged between countries.  

eNotary On Call is a leading provider of Apostille services and Remote Online Notarization (RON). We offer convenient, secure and fast remote notarial services that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals as well as businesses. 

Importance of Apostilles

Countries that signed the Hague Apostille Convention and became member countries in the group used the Apostilles. There are currently about 156 countries that are exchanging documents with Apostilles explicitly on them to exhibit the authenticity and authorization of the documents. 

Coming to the United States of America [USA], every state and its government and the Federal Government issue Apostilles along with the notarized documents in the United States. For your information, particularly the Authentication Office in the U.S. – State Department issues Apostilles in the entire USA.

Apostilles carry significance in the world of governments and their notarization. As this age evolved into the digital age, Remote Online Notarization [RON] came into existence. When government officials and governments exchange documents with other governments or other countries, such an important attribute and service should be obtained from government-authorized agencies. 

Do you know that eNotary On Call offers Apostilles services? Yes, as part of document exchange for government activities, you can get Apostilles for the documents exhibiting their proper authenticity as part of the eNotary On Call. 

What About States or Countries Without Apostilles?

  • Countries that are not part of the Hague Apostille Convention will not have Apostilles. 
  • So the countries without Apostilles need additional certification for proper authentication of the document. 
  • So such countries that don’t have Apostille advantage need or have additional certificates adjoined to the notarized documents. 
  • That additional certification shall come from the United States – State Department. 
  • The absence of Apostille creates an authentication void which can lead to insecurities about the truthfulness and legitimacy of the particular documents. 
  • Even in the most secure electronic notarization, those insecurities will persist. 
  • In this case, in place of Apostille, additional certification should be sent along with the notarized documents as a promise of reinforced legitimacy over the sent documents. 

Why Are Apostilles Necessary?

  • Electronic notarization is very powerful and secure. But individuals and remote online notary service providers should understand that these are the times filled with a humongous number of documents exchanged consistently daily.
  • This brings a challenge to the authenticity of the remote online service provider and the signer. 
  • Apostilles authenticates any document it was offered for outside of the U.S. jurisdiction.
  • The documents notarized with Apostilles offer a great deal of security and safety for the receivers.
  • Having an Apostille authenticates the public official’s signature on the documents.
  • But the problem here is notaries are generally not empowered to issue Apostilles only a government agency can. Yes, not every remote online notary service provider can offer Apostilles. Only the government agency can.
  • But the good news is eNotary On Call facilitates Apostilles! This is why the online notary service of eNotary on call is versatile from other online notary platforms.

Here’s How eNotary On Call Helps You With Apostilles!

With changing world needs, eNotary On Call knows how to prioritize online notary services and offer them to signers and the public in the best way possible. The importance of online notarization has grown manifold today. This demands that online platforms be more responsible while offering online notarization services. 

The online notarization platform  is the frontrunner in balancing public needs and trending online notary advancements. With such a benevolent online notary service, eNotary on Call started facilitating Apostilles. Also, customers can securely sign documents from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection using Remote Online Notarization services. 

Yes, if you are looking for Apostille service, then reaching out to eNotary On Call will be the best choice, as your Apostille needs are fulfilled. This is one of the reasons that it offers holistic virtual notarization services to signers and the public in the USA. 

Are you a signer looking to send documents outside the USA? Then contact eNotary On Call for Apostille support and the best virtual notarization experience.

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