May 20, 2024
Remote Online Notarization in Illinois

The Convenience of Remote Online Notarization in Illinois: Things You Need To Know

Remote Online Notarization in Illinois

Remote Online Notarization (RON) allows documents to be notarized remotely using audio-video technology instead of requiring the signer to be physically present with the notary public. This allows vital transactions like real estate closings, will signings, business contracts, and more to be completed safely and smoothly online.

In Illinois, RON services are officially recognized, allowing commissioned notaries to practice online notarization. The permanence of Remote Online Notarization in Illinois was set in motion in January 2022 through the enactment of Senate Bill 2664. 

This enabled documents to be notarized in real time over the internet without requiring physical proximity between the notary public and the signer. 

This article provides an overview of how digital notarization works in Illinois, the associated laws and regulations, and the benefits it provides. 

Remote Online Notarization in Illinois

Illinois authorized Remote Online Notarization, which means RON is legal in the Land of Lincoln. This law allows Illinois notaries to perform online notary services as long as they follow the requirements laid out in the act. 

Some key facts about remote notarization under Illinois law:

  • The notary must be physically located in Illinois while conducting the notarization. The signer can be located anywhere, within the United States, its territories or anywhere in the world during the notary session.
  • The live notary must verify the signer’s identity by having the signer answer questions about their identity (Knowledge-Based Authentication) and credential analysis. 
  • The notary must make and keep a recording of the notarization process. This recording must be securely kept for a minimum of 10 years.
  • The signer must affirmatively state on the recording that they are physically located within the U.S. or its territories and are appearing before the notary.
  • The notarization must include an oath or affirmation from the signer regarding the truthfulness and correctness of the signed document.
  • The notary’s electronic signature and seal are attached to the notarized document. 

As long as notaries follow the requirements, remote online notary service allows Illinois residents, businesses, and notaries to complete notarial acts conveniently and securely.

How Remote Online Notarization Works

Here’s a rundown of the procedure:

  • The signer logs into the RON notary platform and uploads their document. They provide their name and contact information and answer identity verification questions.
  • The platform validates the signer’s identity by checking their government ID against public databases and having them take a recorded selfie video.
  • Once the signer’s identity is validated, their electronic documents are made available to the remote online notary.
  • The remote notary logs into the online platform and connects with the signer via audio-video conferencing. The notary reviews and verifies the signer’s ID against the recorded selfie video and identity verification data.
  • The signer electronically signs the documents on the platform while being observed by the remote notary. The notary witnesses the e-signature in real-time.
  • Once the signer’s identity has been properly verified, the notary applies their electronic stamp and signature to the documents, completing the remote notarization.
  • The signer receives the notarized documents electronically. The platform stores a recording of the full notarization session as evidence.

Remote Online Notary service providers, such as eNotary On Call, enable documents to be notarized remotely, securely, and legally by integrating identity verification, e-signatures, and audio-video conferencing. The process provides convenience to signers while still requiring the document to be appropriately witnessed and attested to by the notary.

Eligibility Requirements for Online Notarization

In Illinois, both the notary public and the signer must meet certain eligibility requirements to participate in digital notarization.

Notary Requirements

To perform virtual notarization in Illinois, the notary public must:

  • Hold an active Illinois notary public commission
  • Complete a course approved by the Illinois Secretary of State on online notarization
  • Register with an approved online notary provider
  • Use an electronic seal and signature for online notarizations

The notary’s commission must be in good standing and follow all standard notary rules and procedures. The notary must also maintain a backup of all electronic records.

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Signer Requirements

For the signer or document signer, the eligibility requirements are:

  • Located within the United States or internationally.
  • During the video call, you must present a valid government-issued ID.
  • Respond to personal background questions accurately.

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Types of Documents

Some of the key document types that can be notarized remotely in IL include:

  • Real Estate Documents
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Contracts such as business contracts, non-disclosure agreements, contractor agreements, etc.
  • Affidavits 
  • Loan Documents
  • DMV Documents like vehicle titles and registration transfers can be notarized digitally in IL.
  • Personal documents like consent to travel forms for children can also be notarized remotely in IL.

Top RON Provider in Illinois

Illinois has numerous options when it comes to Remote Online Notarization service providers. However, eNotary On Call is one of the most well-known RON providers nationwide. We work with hundreds of notaries and offer a full suite of digital notary solutions.

We offer flexible RON options for individuals and enterprises. We have notaries available around the clock and advanced identity verification. Being the major RON providers in the state, we aim to make the process convenient, secure, and compliant with Illinois laws.


Remote Online Notarization in Illinois represents a significant leap forward in modernizing notarial services. Its legality, coupled with the convenience, security, and efficiency it offers, makes it a valuable tool in today’s fast-paced world. 

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Is Remote Online Notarization legally valid in Illinois?
Yes, if conducted according to state laws and regulations, RON is legally valid in Illinois.

Who can perform RON in Illinois?
Licensed notaries in Illinois can perform remote notary service after meeting specific requirements set by the state.

Can individuals from outside Illinois use remote notary services in the state?
Illinois law allow remote notary services for individuals (Signers) located outside the state.

How secure is Remote Online Notarization in Illinois?
RON in Illinois requires stringent security measures, such as identity verification and using approved technology platforms, to ensure secure transactions.

Are there any limitations on the types of signatures accepted for virtual notary services in Illinois?
Signatures must comply with Illinois law, and certain documents may require specific types of signatures, which the notary will guide you through.

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