July 22, 2024
Document Notarization

The Most Common Question Answered: Does the Post Office have a Notary?

Document Notarization

How often do you come to a situation where you need notarization for essential documents? 

Well, the answer is often. 

But have you found an immediate notary service solution for the same? Most of the answers will be a big, bold NO. And, also in times of requirement, you would be stuck in a situation where notary officials were not nearby to your place. At this time, post offices come to the rescue. However, not all post offices have this facility. Therefore, it is always recommended, before stepping in and reaching out to them, to check the availability of a notary service at a particular post office.

Henceforth, when document notarization is required, an alternative such as online notarization can be utilized. For this, documents for identity verification, along with the papers that need to be signed by officials, should be readily available to a person. 

In case of a decision to commute to post offices, it is important to keep a check on the papers you are carrying with you. It won’t be a good experience travelling way back to get documents you forgot at your place. Additionally, a minimal fee will be charged for the locations. Not every post office provides a notary facility, and not all are located at prime sites. Thus, the charges can vary accordingly.

Post Offices Handling Types of Notarization

As mentioned earlier, not all post offices have a notarization solution for visitors looking for document signing. It is often possible that they do not have the support to provide particular document notarization. Therefore, it is recommended to connect and have detailed information about the same. Then, taking an appointment that needs to be scheduled beforehand will have you sign the papers.

For your assistance, here are a few steps that you will take to help in timely document notarization.

  • Search for the post offices near your place of work space.
  • Inquire about the notarization facility and also charges.
  • Schedule appointments to be present on time 

All the above steps will possibly take time and cost money. Thus, it suggests another way to take into account the recommendation before planning the visit to post offices.

Remote Online Notarization: Alternative to Post Office Notary

Remote Online Notarization (RON) offers the convenience of staying at home and having documents signed. There are notary agents verifying and signing important documents utilising the technology. With the introduction of many online notarization platforms, such as eNotary On Call and more, they are available at odd hours, too. 

Thus, the concept of waiting in long queues for days is becoming obsolete. The virtual notary solution has become an anytime and anywhere process, saving your commute and hours. Further, the charges are nominal and compliant with guidelines. The overhead expenses that cover resources such as staff, offices and transport have been reduced for notaries. Thus, it saves burns in the pocket for both notary agents and signers.

The virtual notary has also eliminated the risk of fraud. Platforms are legally compliant and equipped with features such as audio-video conferencing. In addition, to begin the Remote Online Notarization process, platforms demand KBA and identity verification that makes online notarization much more secure, efficient and trusted.

In the case of support, online notary services come with real-time support from the team. From multiple document uploads to witness addition, there are respective teams for guidance. 

The never-ending pros of choosing an alternative to a traditional notary is the increasing number of users from across the states. There is no doubt that the technology-driven option is driving multiple users to this approach for their urgent document notarization.

In summary, when post offices are not in your vicinity or the notarization facility is unavailable at the time. It is better to go with an economical, convenient and time-saving option, that is, Remote Online Notarization using platforms like eNotary On Call.

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