June 16, 2024
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Remote Online Notarization vs E-Notarization: What’s the Difference?

Many states have adopted Remote Online Notarization (RON). By realizing its potential, people started completing the notarization process very quickly. In fact, Industries also started to prosper at a very quick pace. 

A new wave of paperless notarization has started. But within this revolution there is confusion. People are confused with the terms “Remote Online Notarization” and “E-Notarization“. Are they the same or different? Let us see.

What is Remote Online Notarization?

  • In Remote Online Notarization, people can be in the comfort of their homes or anywhere and come together over a dedicated remote connection platform with audio and visual facilities to notarize documents. 
  • It doesn’t have the physical presence of the parties and notaries involved, as it’s done through video conference.
  • RON ticks all the boxes when it comes to accessibility, reliability, and flexibility.
  • Simply upload important documents online, go through basic identity verification, communicate with the parties, and download the notarized document.

The online notarization process is much easier with eNotary On Call. You can have your paper notarized in just four simple steps with a remote online notary. Let us now look at e-notarization.

What is E-Notarization?

  • Electronic notarization is different from RON. 
  • E-notarization or Electronic Notarization needs the parties to be present physically while performing the notarization of documents. 
  • But unlike a traditional notary, in e-notarization the notary uses a tamper-proof electronic seal in the place of paper-based ink signatures. 
  • In e-notarization, the notary and the parties are present physically and perform notarial on electronic documents in place of paper ones with an electronic seal. 
  • After the completion, in place of a paper document, parties will get PDF access to their document.
  • Electronic notarization is very authentic and transparent. 
  • The paperless nature and electronic carrying of documents made electronic notarization an instant hit. 
  • Electronic notary service is transparent in nature from the parties as well as the notary side. 
  • Many states have increased demand for the supply of e-notary services
  • Electronic signatures and stamps are used for notarization. 

You have understood e-notarization and its process. Now, what are the differences between Remote Online Notarization and e-notarization?

Differences Between Remote Online Notarization And E-Notarization 

  • Remote Online Notarization doesn’t expect the physical presence of the people involved. People will connect remotely over a platform and complete the notarization process. However, in e-notarization, people should be physically present.  But the procedures, signing and document sealing happen electronically – paperless.
  • The notary and the signer in virtual notary must be physically available during electronic notarization. Like with traditional notarization, their physical presence is a must, but the process, signing and sealing happen electronically. 
  • Online notary services are a completely online and virtual process where no one needs to be physically present. 
  • An online audio–visual platform is used through which people connect and get notarization services.
  • E-Notarization and Remote Online Notarization use the same technology. 
  • Remote Online Notarization has the feasibility of 24*7 online notary services, such as those offered at eNotary On Call. But that’s not possible with e-notarization as it needs physical presence. 
  • In Remote Online Notarization, you don’t have to endlessly search for a notary nearby to meet physically.

All these differences make e-notarization and Remote Online Notarization special and unique in their own ways. However, both are becoming more important in this digital age. In one way or another, both make the notarization process far better than before.

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