July 22, 2024
Florida Real Estate

Florida Real Estate Property Ownership Becoming Easy with Remote Online Notarization

Florida Real Estate

Florida has turned out to be an interesting real estate investment location. There is no doubt that not only residents but also foreign nationals are interested in putting their money into this prime location.

Do you know that median townhouse and condo prices have risen from $252,000 to $306,500? 

This rise happened from 2021 to 2022. Now, there is a 5.7% increase in the year 2023. People’s interest in investing in real estate is becoming quite evident. However, this has also raised concerns about real estate investments made by not only US citizens but also foreign nationals.¬†

Recognizing the fact that to secure the rights of US citizens, the government has regulated a law. The signature of Governor Ron DeSantis on the SB 264 bill has both restricted and allowed a few countries to invest in real estate properties. The procedure for some has become easy, and for others, they have to go through certain must-do formalities. It includes the notarization of documents and affidavits so that it becomes easy to proceed with buying or investing.

An Overview of Online Notarization

Notarization for real estate documents allows for saving the interests of genuine buyers of commercial or residential real estate. There is no doubt that to expedite the procedure, a couple of essential documents are required. The submission of those records allows verification and completion of paperwork for the final step of owning any type of property. Therefore, the notarization of all essential documents becomes crucial.

For notarization, investors have to find licensed signers. There are many notary public offices located in Florida. But it is also possible that the realtors or notary officials who look after real estate paper notarization might not be in your nearby area. Therefore, it is possible to look for alternative solutions. Moreover, as industries move into the digital age, remote online notarizations for real estate documents are becoming more prevalent.

There is a virtual method to avail of notary services. Unlike traditional notarization, it is less demanding and allows investors to connect with notary publics for their document notarization. Further, let realtors who assist with real estate document notarization bring both notary officials and people onto a common platform for a quick notary process.

Remote Online Notarization: Accelerating Real Estate Property Investment in Florida 

The advent of Remote Online Notarization has revolutionized real estate transactions in Florida by expediting property investment processes. It allows parties to execute documents virtually, with enhanced accessibility, efficiency, and security. 

Enhanced Accessibility: Remote Online Notarization (RON) eliminates geographical barriers, allowing investors to participate in real estate transactions from anywhere with internet access, thereby broadening the pool of potential investors in Florida properties.

Streamlined Processes: RON facilitates the digitization of documentation, reducing the time and effort required for notarization and document processing. This efficiency translates to faster transaction completions, enabling investors to capitalize on opportunities swiftly.

Improved Security: Utilizing advanced encryption and identity verification measures, RON enhances the security of real estate transactions, mitigating risks associated with fraudulent activities and ensuring the integrity of property investments in Florida.

Cost Savings: By minimizing the need for physical presence and associated travel expenses, RON reduces transaction costs for investors, making real estate investment in Florida more financially feasible and attractive.

Regulatory Compliance: RON platforms adhere to stringent regulatory standards set forth by Florida laws, ensuring that real estate transactions conducted through remote notarization comply with legal requirements, thereby providing investors with confidence and assurance in their investments.


In conclusion, recent data and statistics underscore the burgeoning interest in real estate investment in Florida, with median townhouse and condo prices steadily rising. As the market attracts both national and foreign investors, regulatory measures like SB 264 aim to balance opportunities while safeguarding the rights of US citizens. Amidst this landscape, Remote Online Notarization (RON) emerges as a pivotal facilitator, streamlining processes, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring regulatory compliance. The ease of RON platform utilization benefits both realtors and property investors, offering a seamless and secure method of document notarization. Embracing digital solutions like eNotary On Call further amplifies the efficiency and convenience of remote online notary services, catalyzing real estate and property investment in Florida’s dynamic market.

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