May 20, 2024
Bank Notary Services

All About Bank Notary Services and Its Alternative

Bank Notary Services

There is no doubt a bank has to deal with a lot of document work daily. For any industry, once in a while, respective documents have to undergo verification by officials. Furthermore, verification involves confirmation, signature and record maintenance. Therefore, banks appoint or affiliate with notary agents to make the process trusted and easy. However, there are many small to mid-sized banks that do not offer notary services. Henceforth, before reaching out or carrying the important official papers to your nearby or specific banks, it is better to find out if they have notaries.

Does your Bank Notarize Documents?

As said earlier, not all of the existing banks offer notary services to their respective customers. Or give the facility to do notaries for free. Hence to find out the simplest way is to enquire from your nearby banks. Those who let their customers or visitors avail of this facility appoint or affiliate the notary agent. Henceforth, ask about the charges for the same before the visit. 

Potential Banks Where to Find a Notary for Free

Here is the list that tells you which bank is providing the notary solutions for their customer. However, it is advised to do the research still as the below-featured banks are based on our now and then ongoing research. Thus, any elimination or addition of names can be expected.

Bank of America (BOA)

One of the market leaders Bank of America, which prioritizes customer experience, has extended its services to notary solutions. There are chances customers can find this facility at most of their financial centres. 

Capital One

Another reputed name in the industry allows visitors to get their essential documents notarization done while visiting the respective branch. This eases their customer’s process and also saves time.  It is advised to schedule the appointment to avoid delay and queue. 


There are certain branches of Citibank that allows customers visit for the notarization process. With an appointment and fixed fee charges, notary service can be availed without any hassle.

Chase Bank 

The bank offers complimentary notary services to their visitors. Understanding the need and immediately required solution, the respective bank has committed to provide their notary services.

All of the above seemingly prioritizes the notary services for better customer experience. However, it is always advisable to connect with branches before the visit. 

Is there an Alternative to Bank Notary Services?

There are many banks that provide free notary services, but it is also a fact there are slim chances of availing the same. Henceforth, considering Remote Online Notarization service seems a better option many times. It is not only an alternative solution to bank notaries but also a fast and hassle-free service. 

Recently, the surge in the utility of platforms available in the market that are providing this solution is high. Document notarization also now does not remain untouched from the digital revolution. From document to ID verification, all now can be easily done with a few robust and advanced audio-video technology featured available platforms. One of them is eNotary On Call, which has gained the trust from many.

These platforms allow you to schedule appointments beforehand, saving hours of commute. Furthermore, it is also saving a lot of money that is making it the first choice for many people. The solution has break down the complete procedure in easy steps.

Signing In to the RON platform

Uploading of documents or verification and signature

Verifying ID and KBA

Agent Signing and document downloading  

The complete process with the utility of the platform has made the process a matter of minutes. 

How to Do Notarization While Bank is Closed

In conclusion, understanding the dynamics of bank notary services and exploring alternative options is pivotal for individuals navigating legal documentation. While traditional bank notaries offer convenience, emerging digital platforms and independent notaries provide efficient alternatives. The key lies in choosing a method that aligns with one’s preferences and requirements. As technology continues to reshape financial services, the landscape of notarization evolves, empowering individuals to make informed choices in securing legally binding documents. Ultimately, awareness of available options ensures a seamless and tailored approach to notarial needs in the modern era.

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